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HoustonMusicReviews.com strives to provide the best reviews on new and upcoming music and music-making gear from experts in the field.

If you think you got what it takes to be a music or equipment reviewer, please email us

You can also find us on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/houstonmusicreviews


Bands - please contact us for address to submit your music. We do not do online music reviews or listen to music via web streaming. Due to the nature of our review process we prefer to get a hard copy of your music so at this point we accept only the following formats: Audio CD, minidisc, analog tape.

Equipment manufacturers - we are looking forward to reviewing your equipment. To arrange shipment of a product for a review, please contact us first via our contact form. We are interested to hear from you, whether you do simple pedal modification to a full blown equipment rack and all in between! We review music gear, recording gear, software, instruments, amps, etc. so all submissions are welcome.


On this site we use a 5 point rating system, currently known as the "5 Flying Vs". Basically you can score as low as a zero, which would be 0 (or 5 empty Vs):



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